The New Tulsa Speedway 2020 Mini Stock Rules

1. Any American or foreign made compact 4-cylinder car or truck with front or rear wheel drive.
Wheel base:
1. Car: maximum 101 inches.
2. Truck: maximum 108 inches.

1. Must be stock appearing and match make and model.
2. Exception: All non-stock appearing bodies Owners must file a letter of exception with 3 reliable confirmable references confirming make, model and year of car. Must also have some form of lettering/logo of make or model on front of car.
3. Must have three (3) windshield bars in front of the driver.

1. Original equipment steel bumpers are allowed, but cannot be reinforced. Bumpers may be fabricated from maximum 2” O.D. tubing with ends turned back to frame so no ends or sharp edges are exposed. Bumpers cannot extend past center line of tires.
2. One 8” tall loop may be welded on top of bumper, no wider than frame rails. One 4” tall loop may be welded under bumper to protect bottom of radiator, no wider than frame rails.
3. Rear bumper 8” tall loop may be welded on top of rear bumper. Must have a top protective loop at the rear that extends at least 1 inch below the fuel cell.

1. 5-inch spoiler maximum allowed.
1. Any OEM 4-cylinder motor, maximum 2360cc. Engine must match manufacturer (ie. Ford to Ford, Chevrolet to Chevrolet, Dodge to Dodge, etc.).
2. No aftermarket heads or blocks.
3. Stock ignition *Must match make and frame of car*. Clutch/Transmission/Drive Train:
4. Stock OEM only *Must match make and model of car* • Mini clutches are allowed. • Starter: Must be working and mounted in stock location.

1. Steel OEM driveshaft only. Must have safety loop within 12 inches of front u-joint. Must be painted white and with your car number visibly on it.

1. Stock OEM *Must match make of car*.
Firewall & Floor Pan:
1. Must be Stock original firewall and floor pan. All holes must be covered.

Roll Cage:
1. 4-point cage minimum with at least 3 driver side door bars. Roll cage must be welded to frame in a safe manner. Front and rear hoops are allowed with a minimum tubing thickness of 0.095. Unibody cars must be tied together at sub frames if rear frame rails are rusted and need repaired. You may cut the frame at a point no further forward than the vertical center line of the rear end housing and replace.

1. 3 brakes must work upon inspection. All calipers must be OEM.

1. OEM only. *Must match make and model of car*. All mount and parts must remain in stock OEM location.
2. Weight jacks are allowed.

1. Steel shocks only. May run heim end shocks on front and rear in stock location. No take apart or rebuildable shocks allowed. Only one shock per wheel is allowed.

1. OEM mounted in stock location.
2. Quick release style steering and quickners ok.

1. Gasoline only. Fuel cells are mandatory. No stock type tanks allowed. Electric fuel pumps are allowed with a shut off and kill switch within reach of driver.
Fuel System:
1. Stock OEM fuel system *Must match make and model of car*.
2. Option 2: One (1) 500 cfm 2 barrel carburetor with adapter plate only. Esslinger intake is legal.
1. Are optional, exhaust must exit outside car and away from drivers’ compartment.
2. Mufflers are not mandatory but recommended on all cars.
3. Heating Beanie Weenies on header before “A” feature is prohibited.

Nerf Bars:
1. Not to exceed 1 ˝ inches and must be mounted against body line.

1. 10 inch steel wheels maximum. Bead locks allowed.

1. Must run “DOT” approved tires or Hoosier “Stars” only. Tires must be clearly stamped with “DOT” or “Stars”.
2. “DOT” and “Stars” stamp must be painted white.
3. Sipping and grooving allowed.
4. No recaps allowed.

1. Car must weigh minimum 2300 lbs.
2. All weight must be mounted with two ˝-inch bolts and painted white with your car number visibly on it.

1. We here at The New Tulsa Speedway take safety very seriously. If you are unsure of your safety equipment please contact the track for clarification before you come to the track to race. If you are unsure where to purchase your safety equipment contact the track for information.
2. Must have a minimum of a 5-point harness not more than 2 years old. Aluminum racing seat only. Must have a fire extinguisher, window net, or arm restraints. Must have kill switch marked clearly on/off in plain sight. Mandatory for driver to wear fire suit, gloves, shoes, etc. at all times. The rules are subject to change at any time by The New Tulsa Speedway for the improvement of the sport.
3. All cars are subject to inspection at any time and must be free of mechanical defects and be in safe racing condition or they may not be allowed on the track. If you do not meet the safety requirements you will not be allowed to race, and will not be given a refund for any expenses incurred..
4. Due to the large number of car make and model options for this class, the promoter reserves the right to assess additional weight on any one car in the interest of equal competition.
5. Due to the fact that it appears that some racers in this class choose to run make and model of cars that are up to 40+ years old, The New Tulsa Speedway will consider any letters of exception in writing to any rules posted. Letters must be received no later than 2 weeks before any scheduled event. Upon receipt, each letter will be reviewed on a case by case basis. The owner will be notified and the decision of The New Tulsa Speedway will be final.