The New Tulsa Speedway General Rules


1. Driver’s sign-in/draw is located in the designated pit area. All drivers must be signed in and draw 30 minutes before posted race time, or start at the rear of the heat race. Times may be altered for special events.

2. Hot lap sessions are 30 to 45 minutes prior to the race time. Each driver is responsible for being ready to hot lap. No hot laps after the races start or finish unless approved by the Race Director. Hot laps will generally follow packing the track. If you do no participate in packing the track you will not be allowed to hot lap.

3. Order of events will be posted on the Pit Board. It is the driver’s responsibility to know when they race and lineup on time. Drivers are expected to be ready to race when they come on the track (window net up, gloves on, helmet on, etc.). If you are late as your race is exiting the staging area, you will go to the rear of that race.

4. Be ready to go when your race is called.

5. If you are the first race after intermission, you have 10 minutes after intermission begins to get in the staging area. Once intermission is over, that race will begin.

6. After a caution flag is flown, get in line, allow the officials to put you in order.

7. Absolutely NO crew members allowed on track surface. Unless cleared with track official.

8. The distance of each race and the number of cars going to tech after each race will be posted on the lineup for that race. If a driver goes to his/her pit before going to tech he/she will be disqualified from that race. If a driver is not sure where they finished, go to tech anyway. NOTE: For more accuracy, it is recommended to weigh your car using the track scales before the races begin.

9. Competing in multiple classes: If a driver is scheduled to run in back to back races, he/she should notify an official as soon as the line ups are posted. This will ensure that the driver is given adequate time to switch cars and join the lineup. Have your car ready in the staging area with a crew member.

1. Raceivers are mandatory. There will be a zero-tolerance policy regarding raceivers; you must have one to race. If yours is not working, notify an official. Raceivers will be on the default channel (frequency 454.000) this season.
2. Safety Equipment – Please Note: We here at The New Tulsa Speedway take safety very seriously. If you are unsure of your safety equipment please contact the track for clarification before you come to the track to race. If you are unsure where to purchase your safety equipment contact the track for information.
3. All cars are subject to inspection at any time and must be free of mechanical defects and be in safe racing condition or they may not be allowed on the track. If you do not meet the safety requirements you will not be allowed to race, and will not be given a refund for any expenses incurred.
4. Fire Suits are mandatory. Two-layer suits are strongly recommended. If you do not have a two-layer suit you must have the racing underwear. Minimum: Single layer fire suits w/ Nomex underwear mandatory.
5. Racing shoes are highly recommended.
6. Neck collars or hanns device is mandatory.
7. Racing gloves are mandatory. No mechanics gloves.
8. Window nets or arm restraints are mandatory.
9. A quick release on a metal coupling on steering wheel is mandatory. No plastic couplings allowed.
10. It is recommended that each car have a built-in fire extinguisher equipment. However, it cannot be dry powder. It must be Halon 1211, Cold Fire or an equivalent.
11. It is recommended to change straps, seatbelts and restraints a minimum of every three years. Belts must have stamp on them to prove when they were made. Quick release belts are strongly recommended.
12. Helmets are mandatory Q Snell SA 2005, SA 2010 or newer. Full face helmets only. No motorcycle or open face helmets allowed. No “M” rating or open face helmets. If wearing a helmet that is not Nomex lined, driver MUST wear a Nomex head sock.
13. Fuel cell mount: Fuel cell cage shall be made of 1"x 16Qgauge or 3/4"x 14Qgauge steel square tubing. Must be welded thoroughly. Must wrap round entire cell. Must be bolted at 4 sides with no less than 3/8" grade 8 bolts. 2 bars per side (all 4 sides) & 2 straps on top min. 1/8"x 2". Consult a race chassis shop for assistance.
1. The drivers required to go to tech following each race will be the top three finishers unless otherwise noted or instructed by officials. The New Tulsa Speedway may direct any competitor to the tech area.
2. One crewmember per driver allowed in the tech area.
3. No crewmembers from any team allowed in the vicinity of another team’s car while being teched.
4. No traction control devices are allowed in any class.
5. Three Wins: Any driver that wins three races within one racing season is subject to an extensive technical inspection.
6. Protest: See each individual division’s rules for protest and claim rules and procedures.
7. Car numbers must be legible by the scorers (visible from the press box). Numbers must be on both sides and on top of car, must be at least 18” x 5” on the sides, numbers should be at least 24” x 5” on the roof, and numbers must be a contrast to color of car. If multiple cars in the same division are identical, they must have a noticeable difference in the number. If you are unsure about your number please contact the nearest official or the pit office. NOTE: if your number cannot be read you will not be scored. If you have been warned about your number you will not be scored the following week if the number is not corrected.
8. No pit personnel on the track during the race, whether there is a caution or stoppage in the race or you will go to the rear or your car may be disqualified from the race. This is your warning.
1. Heat race line ups for weekly point’s races are determined by draw and A- Feature lineups are inverted based on a point average system using the procedures below:
2. Heats are lined up by draw.
2. “B” mains are lined up straight up from heats with highest finishers to front.
3. When one heat is run, top five qualifiers will be inverted for feature lineup according to season point average. When two or five heats are run, the top 10 qualifiers will be inverted for feature lineup according to season point average. When three, four or six heats are run, top 12 qualifiers will be inverted for feature according to season point average. The New Tulsa Speedway reserves the right to relocate a driver from an invert position to the rear of the field if deemed necessary for the safety and well-being of all involved. Remainder of A-Feature is lined up straight up from heats and/or B-Features.
4. A driver that qualifies but has no point average shall be lined up in last invert position. Should there be more than one driver with no point average; positions will be lined up at discretion of officials.
5. If a driver is absent for two consecutive events (excluding rain-outs), upon his/her return shall be treated as a new car for the first week he/she returns.
6. Heat race line-ups for special events and the first point’s race of the season are determined by draw and Feature lineups are determined by passing points. Officials may opt to implement an invert or redraw for the feature lineup, which will be determined and announced prior to the event.
7. All races begin at the start line. There will be a cone in place at the bottom of turn four and a line marked on the race surface. Stay nose to tail, when you see the green flag and you are past the cone you start racing. Pay attention to the lights; if the lights are out you will be getting the green.

1. Single File: Restarts in heat races and B-Mains during weekly points races will be Single file, and will take place off of turn four. Stay nose to tail; when you see the green flag and are past the cone you start racing. You will be docked two positions for jumping the start.
2. Double File: Restarts in the A-Main will be double file for up to two cautions in weekly point’s races. After the third caution, The New Tulsa Speedway General Rules restarts will be single file. Restart procedures for special events will vary per event and will be declared in the drivers’ meeting.
3. Delaware Double file restarts (Sprints, Late Models, Mods only) will be conducted accordingly: Yellow flag restarts will be double file with the leader being the only car on the front row. When the cars are in the correct order the officials will point the leader out front by themselves and split the rest of the field to inside and outside. The 2nd place car has the option to take the inside row or outside row behind the leader. The rest of the field will fall in order.
4. Officials may opt to change to a single file restart if track conditions warrant or if there are issues with double file restarts.
5. No jumping the starts/restarts. If you are called for jumping it will count as a caution. Remember, if you cause two cautions you go to the pits.
1. Green – Starts the race.
2. Yellow –Use extreme caution. Slow down immediately, We DO NOT race back to the yellow.
3. Red – STOP -There is a blockage on the track or a condition that requires emergency attention.
4. White – One lap remaining in the race
5. Checkered – End of the race
6. Blue / Yellow – Hold you line for faster traffic
7. Black (rolled) – Warning to field or driver Black (open) – You have been disqualified from that race; exit directly to the pits or to the infield.
8. We DO NOT race back to the yellow. Slow down immediately when the Yellow light or flag has been thrown. All cars must get single file. There will be an official on the Raceiver to get you in order. If you are out of order, we will correct it before the green. NOTE: If you refuse to stay in single file after an official has directed you to get in line, you will be sent to the tail of the field. If you do not fall to the tail of the field as instructed, you will not be scored.
9. A Red Flag means STOP as soon and as safely as you can. If a driver fails to stop (other than avoiding a wreck) he/she will be sent to the rear of the restart.
10. Any driver that continues around the track will be disqualified from that race.
11. No working on cars under a red flag.
12. Rain during a race or other extenuating circumstances: If the race on track is delayed prior to being halfway completed, it will resume at a later time beginning with the most previous scored lap. If the race is delayed after being halfway completed, it will be deemed an official finish.
13. Cars should enter the track in turn two and exit the track in turn one. There will be an official at turn two to control the cars going onto the track. (There will be NO cars reentering during green flag conditions). Do not enter the track until directed to. If your car has problems, pull to the infield during a green flag. DO NOT cross traffic during a race under any circumstances. Wait until a caution comes out to exit safely, however DO NOT exit until a track official instructs you to exit.
14. Drivers who exit the racing surface may not be allowed to return to the race. Drivers who use the hot pit area may return to competition. Drivers who go to the hot pits in the A-Feature will get two pace laps to return to the race. This is the only situation in which a driver will be granted pace laps to continue racing.
1. Line-ups after a caution will be according to the last lap scored. The cars involved in the caution will line up on the rear.
2. Lapped cars will be instructed to go to the rear.
3. A first lap caution may result in cars involved being sent to the rear or all cars retaining their spot, dependent upon the circumstances which caused the caution.
4. Drivers must take a green flag to be considered officially present on a race night. Drivers who do not start their main event (“B” or “A”) will not be paid.
5.Caution rules
A. Two Caution rule – If a car is involved in two cautions in a single event they will be disqualified.
B. Five Caution rule in the A-Feature: After the fifth caution, ANY cars (whether a single-car or multiple-car incident) involved in a caution will be sent to the pits.
C. Rules may be amended to include a time limit on Feature events if officials deem necessary.
6. Drivers who cannot maintain a competitive speed may be sent to the pits.
7. A driver will not be allowed to change cars once a race has started or become an official race. A driver must finish in the same car that he/she qualifies with. (Cannot change cars after heat races).
8. Rough driving/multiple car incidents
A. Contact involving two or more cars resulting in a caution, ALL drivers involved will be sent to the tail.
B. Blatant contact with another driver or a rough driving disqualification (black flag), will result in the driver’s points and pay being removed from that event and may result in further disciplinary action.
1. Fighting will result in a minimum of two weeks suspension and loss of points and pay for that night. The driver or crewmember that instigates a fight by entering another driver’s pit will be penalized. A second incident will result in a one-year suspension from the track or an indefinite suspension based on severity. Assaulting any track official will result in a one-year suspension from the track or an indefinite suspension based on severity.
2. Any driver, crew member or any person associated with any driver that is heard conspiring against another driver will be suspended indefinitely; championship points will be removed and they will not be allowed to return until further notice. On the track incidents can translate to championship point penalties, fines and suspensions at management’s discretion. This includes any driver that exits their car with the intention of starting an altercation, any driver that intentionally wrecks another driver or hits another driver under caution.
3. Using a racecar in a threatening manner toward another person anywhere on the premises of The New Tulsa Speedway at any time shall be cause for immediate disqualification and possible indefinite suspension based on severity.
4. No speeding in the pits: Racecars or pit vehicles. Infractions may result in disqualification.
5. Any person caught sneaking into the pit area or anyone caught with a bogus pit pass will be banned indefinitely. The offender will be charged with TRESPASSING
A. Driver must have pit pass on when going through the tech area or they may be disqualified.
B. NO one shall enter the pits at any time without a pit pass and / or signature on the sign-in sheet.
C. Anyone caught passing a pit pass to allow another person to enter the pits will be suspended indefinitely.
1. Drivers must be at least 14 years of age by that race night and approved by race officials. Parents or Legal Guardians must sign a Minor release permission form if the driver is under 18 years of age. If driver has not filled out a release form, they will not be allowed to participate in any event including hot laps.
2. The New Tulsa Speedway payout checks to all drivers at the end of the night at the pit office. The pit office will stay open for at least 30 minutes after the last race is over, unless cars are still being inspected. Unclaimed payout checks will be held for two (2) weeks. Payout checks not picked up after that time will be forfeited.
3. Be prepared to show identification if asked when picking up your pay. Once a driver leaves the pay window and has signed the pay sheet, showing receipt of pay, there shall be no argument made for insufficient pay.
4. Drivers must have an entry form and W9 on file in order to compete.
5. There are NO REFUNDS once you have paid for a pit pass and sign in.
6. Rain Out Policy: The race program consists of qualifying heat races and feature events. In the event of inclement weather, The New Tulsa Speedway officials will make every effort to complete the program for you. Always, be sure to keep your event tickets and/or wristbands. The event night program will be considered complete when ALL Feature Races are set. After that point no rainout tickets will be honored. If all Feature Races are NOT set, event tickets should be kept and will be honored for any upcoming regular weekly racing show for the race season. The same ticket will be valid for events of equal or lesser value; your ticket may also be applied for ticket upgrades. You must have the original ticket or wristband (NO COPIES). Once you leave the ticket booth you are responsible for your ticket or wristbands. If all Features are set, the show will be considered complete. Rain out policies for events other than Weekly Racing will be posted on a per event basis. If you have any questions with regards to the Rain Out Policy, please contact The New Tulsa Speedway Office at 918-437-7223.
7. The Track is not responsible for any damage to any vehicle in the pits at any time. NOTE: Vehicles in the pits are NOT covered by insurance and is the owner’s discretion by parking in the pits. Personal vehicles are not allowed in the staging area during the races.
8. Track Officials decisions and rulings are final and not subject to argument or debate. However, questions regarding decisions and rulings will be heard by the Race Director, so long as the questioning party maintains a civil discussion.
9. The New Tulsa Speedway reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. In the event you are barred or suspended from another track, we may honor the suspension.
10. The New Tulsa Speedway reserves the right to amend or add any rule at any time.